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Do you love the Sims and FIFA advertisements popping up after logging in to Origin when you’re about to play some Battlefield 3? Or even the Premium ads while you already have bought Premium? I don’t, so inspired by this post I contacted EA support and asked if there’s any way to disable displaying the advertisements. Their solution: reboot your PC. Luckily, I found a real solution:

Run Notepad (or the slightly better alternative) and open the file %appdata%\Origin\Settings.xml, and locate the following lines:

<Setting key="PromoBrowserGameFinishedLastShown" type="2" value="xxx"/>
<Setting key="PromoBrowserOriginStartedLastShown" type="2" value="xxx"/>

Change the values of xxx to 9999999 and the ads will disappear. 🙂

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4 Responses to Remove Origin advertisements

  1. J says:

    on some machines its not called settings but local_(long series of numbers)ebf3a.xml

    there are two .xml files in there one called local and the other one local_(long series of numbers)ebf3a.xml this last one being the biggest in size

  2. Doesn't matter says:

    Thank you!

  3. Myself says:

    Hey, worked perfectly. Thank you very much! The advertisments were extremly annoying.

  4. NoNamer says:

    My file was located at:
    File name: local_a4************a4757.xml

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